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Two guys are walking through

Two guys are walking through a field when they came across a well.

One of the guys asks “how deep do you think that is?” The second replies “That’s easy.

Just drop something down it, count how many seconds it takes to hit the bottom, and multiply by 9 meters for each second. Give or take for air resistance.”

“What should we drop?” Said the first. Looking around, the other guy lifts up a big  and drops it in. They count

1… 2… 3… Splash “3 seconds. So, times 9 is 27 meters. Give or take.”

Just then a goat comes running up and dives headfirst into the well.

As the guys are trying to figure out what just happened, a farmer came up and asked what they were doing.

“We were just wondering how deep this well is and a goat came running up and dives in.”

The farmer replied “Thank goodness it wasn’t one of mine.”

“What makes you say that?” Asked one of the men.

The farmer says “Because mine are all tied up to heavy ”

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