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Funny Jokes

A guy goes to see doctor

A guy goes to see doctor: Doc, I am feeling stressed everyday After the doctor did some checks.

He clears his throat and says Dr: No worries, young man. There is nothing really wrong with you. You are just severely lacking exercise.

Guy: Doc… Dr: Listen to me, young man. This is a very common symptom among people like you.

Here is what I need you to do. Walk at least 10km per day, keep active for 30 mins minimum, do not sit all day

Guy: Doctor, you don’t understand… Dr: Yes, I do. I know today’s society is stressful and your work may be demanding. But those are no excuse.

You need to be responsible for your own health Guy: Doc, listen to me…

Dr: Stop interrupting me! Even if you walk 5 mins from your car park to your office, or stand up for your 30mins lunch break, those don’t count! You need REAL active exercises…

Guy: Doctor! I’m a mailman! Dr: So?

Guy: I work in the suburbs with few roads. I walk 50km regularly everyday! That’s what I am trying to tell you!

Dr: … Put out your tongue. Let me see again.

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