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Funny Jokes

A man looks across the restaurant

He keeps stealing glances at her throughout his meal. Just as he is about to finish eating, the woman lets out a giant sneeze…and a huge sound echoes throughout the dining room.

Seeing a blur, the man instinctively reaches out his hand and grabs something. It’s the woman’s glass eye.

Seeing her in dismay, the man quickly goes up to her, discreetly hands her the eye, and lets her situate herself before looking back at her.

Smiling, he introduces himself and asks if the woman is OK. “I am. Thank you so much!” she exclaims.

“My pleasure. If you’re eating alone, would you like some company?”

The woman says yes, and they start talking. It’s a wonderful conversation and the man begins to think that he should try to get her number.

As they’re about to part ways, he throws the question at her, and is surprised at how quickly she says yes.

“Do you always give your number to men you just meet?” he asked, grinning.

“No,” replied the woman, grinning back. “You just happened to catch my eye!”

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