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Two little girls are playing on

Two little girls Lisa (6) and Anna (5) are playing on the playground.

Suddenly a man approaches them. “Hey you two. If I give you candy, can I touch your hair?”

“Sure, you can, but the candy first” The man gives each a bonbon and touches their hair

. They go back playing on the swing. After a while he asks: “Can I touch your shoulder if you get another bonbon?”

“Sure, you can, but the candy first” They go back to playing.

The man approaches them again: “Can I touch your hands, if I give you another bonbon?”

Sure you can, but the candy first” The man grabs in his pocket and realises that he has no more candy on him.

So he says: “Wait here I get some new candy, don’t go away!” He goes off. Lisa: “Anna do you think what I think?”

Anna: “At this sped we will have caries before he is us?!”


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