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A woman of relatively ordinary

A self-made millionaire decided that he was lonely and needed to find a mate. So, he organised a bit of a competition for it.

As his search neared the end he narrowed the choices down to four.

One was a doctor. She was a surgeon, made incredible money.

She was focused and driven. Because she was so wealthy on her own, he knew she wasn’t in it only for the money.

One was a lawyer. Again, a successful professional.

A real tiger. She had practices several forms of law, including divorces.

She knew all there was to know about the legal side of a marriage, and had offered to make sure both of them were protected.

One was an entrepreneur. She had started as a teen working in a bakery and eventually had opened her own, successful string of bakeries.

She was creative, and sweet. She was in touch with her softer side, and he knew that her creativity would bring him out of his shell.

The last was a woman of relatively ordinary means. She was pretty, but shy.

She worked in an office and enjoyed her sometimes mundane work.

Her goal in life was to be a perfect wife and mother.

She longed to help her future husband achieve his full potential as a human being, and then to raise children that would be strong and independent thinkers.

He was 100% convinced of her loyalty.

He thought long and hard about his choices, he considered every aspect of each woman’s strengths.

After days of deliberation, he finally made his choice.


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