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He goes to the pet store and tells

So he goes to the pet store and tells the owner “I got $1000 and I want a pet like no other.”

The owner says “I got a talking centipede that likes telling jokes and going to bar.”

“Hey I like doing those things.” Sold for $1000! The guy goes home and asks his $1000 centipede “You wanna go to the bar with me.”

No response. He assumes it is just asleep. The next day he asks the same question. No response.

He thinks he might’ve been ripped off, but he goes to the bar and has a fun time.

The next day he asks if he wants to go to the bar.

No response yet again! “Alright, I spent all my money on you so you better start talking  !”

The centipede says “I heard you the first time, I’m just putting in my shoes.”


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