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Funny Jokes

A man applies for a job with the FBI

A man applies for a job with the FBI.

The interviewer says: “Everything looks good, we just have one test to prove that you’ll take on any task we ask of you.”

He hands the man a semi-automatic handgun.

“Through that door, your wife is tied to a chair.

I need you to go in there and shoot her in the back of the head.”

Reluctantly, the man goes in and closes the door. A few moments later, he comes back.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t do it.” he says and they let him and his wife leave.

A woman applies for the same job and is told the same thing.

Her husband is tied to a chair in the next room.

She gets up and walks through the door.

The interviewer hears several gunshots and the some heavy grunting from the woman. She comes out of the room, covered in blood.

“This gun was full of blanks, so I had to beat him to death with it!”


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