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After intense partying with their friends

After intense partying with their friends, brother and sister got back home late at night…

Dad yells, ‘It’s two days to the exams and where on earth have you both been?
Why weren’t you answering your phones?’

Daughter: I have been studying for the exams all day with my friends and had my cellphone on silent to beat the distractions.
I was so exhausted that I slept on the couch and it was late when I woke up.

Dad instantly calls her friend and asks if she has seen his daughter that day.
She is drunk and high and unwittingly tells the truth. The daughter is grounded.

Now, it’s the son’s turn. He repeats the same story.

Dad immediately calls his son’s friend and asks if he has seen his son that day.
The friend is drunk and high but realizes what’s happening and says
‘Yep, he has been studying for the exams with us all day.
Poor chap, he even slept on the couch. He was quite exhausted, do you still want me to wake him up now?’


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