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Funny Jokes

A young recruit goes to the military office

A young recruit goes to the military office and says he wants to enlist.

Both officers laugh at him and insist he is not a good fit for the military.

But everyone who applies must be given a chance

The first task is to swim two laps underwater holding a brick.

They are not worried as no one has ever done it.

The recruit loses count and swims three laps underwater they are impressed but still know he will not be a good fit.

The second task is to run 400 metres in 18 seconds.

I world record many times over.

The guy runs it in a staggering 17.5 seconds.

They say there must have been a timing mistake and force him to redo it. Second time he clocks in at 17.6. Worried they have one final task.

Sure he will never be a military recruit and chicken out they say the last task is in a plane.

They climb and climb and climb.

They swing open the door of the plane and tell him the last task is to jump out without a parachute.

He will flap his hand like a bird and say “Santa Maria, bring me down to earth please” before they could say anything he jumps out of the plAne.

They are both scared shitless as they will have to explain this and they are working on getting the story straight when a band on the window scares them.

Screaming at the top of his lunges “ help!!! I’m flapping my arms but i forget what I suppose to be saying”


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