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A man and old horse an road accident

A man who was suing over an automobile accident was being questioned by the defendant’s lawyer. “Did you or did you not say at the time of the accident that you were not hurt?”

“I did,” replied the plaintiff. “But you see, it was like this: I was driving along the road with my old horse and wagon when along comes this car and knocks us into the ditch.

You never saw such a horrible mess in all your life.

There I was flat on my back with my legs in the air, and there was my old horse flat on his back with his leg in the air.

Well, sir, this motorist gets out of his car and looks at us.

He sees that my horse has a broken leg so he reaches into the car, takes out a gun, and shoots him.

Then he turns to me lying there and he says, ‘Now what about you? Are you hurt?’“


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