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A coffee goes to rehab to get clean

A coffee  goes to rehab to get clean During group reflection they said

Group: “Steve tell us a little about your struggles”

Steve: “Well it started off as a kid, my grandpa would let me sip on a coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

I knew from the moment it hit my lips, coffee was what i wanted to do with my life.

By the time i was a teenager i showed what i now recognize as signs of addiction, id prepare hot water in the morning while i got ready for school and keep it in a thermos id take with me.

On breaks between classes id sneak off and crush up some beans to steep with my thermos water.

Soon it was just breaks, it was all day, i dropped out of school to pursue coffee full time.

I was fortunate enough to get coffee shop jobs here and there but i kept getting fired for stealing the product.

The addiction just progressed over the years to the point i was taste it off for a bag of beans a pop.

At the end i was just eating the beans. Despite all the years they were still a little too bitter for me, so id always cut it with a little cube of sugar.. and now i m here”

Group: “How do you feel about that now?”

Steve: “At the time i loved it, but looking back at the end there… i guess it was bittersweet”


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