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After the Flood Noah commanded

After the Flood, Noah commanded the animals… “Go forth! Be fruitful! Multiply!”

And so, the animals did go forth from Mt. Ararat, and behold they were fruitful and did multiply as Noah had commanded.

But Noah saw that two snakes had remained with the ark.

“Serpents! Why has thou not done as I have commanded, and gone forth to multiply?”

“Behold, we are Adders and so cannot multiply,” the snakes mournfully replied.

And so Noah bade his sons to hew great trees from the mountain, and from the raw trees to construct a mighty platform, 70 cubits long and 40 cubits wide and 20 cubits tall.

And when the construction was finished Noah stood upon it and proclaimed to the snakes.

“Adders, behold! A table of logs, with which you may multiply by adding.”


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