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Funny Jokes

A man sitting at this table

Restaurant manager: I’ve been watching you sitting at this table reading that paper and doing the crossword puzzle for an hour.

For the first fifteen minutes, all was fine; I thought you were on your break. At a half hour, I was confused because maybe you were on your lunch break.

But you haven’t eaten anything, just dipped from that glass. Now I’m angry. An hour is too long. You’re fired.

Fresh-faced kid: I’m fired ? Does my supervisor know?

Boss: Don’t worry, she will be informed.

Kid: I don’t work here.

Boss: That’s right. Go home.

Kid: No, I mean I don’t work here. I’m waiting for my co-worker to pick me up and take me to work.

I had to take an earlier bus today.

Boss: Oh. Can I refill your drink, ma’am?


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