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Naughty Jokes

Biker In A Roadside Bar

A biker pulls up outside a roadside bar in Louisiana after a long day in the saddle.

Stiffly he walks in, gets a beer and sits down.

By his third, he realises some of the locals are looking at him and whispering.

The biker walks out and returns a few minutes later with an alligator.

He drops it on the floor, drops his pants and flops his tackle in the alligator’s mouth.

Snap! The jaws shut on his tackle.

Teeth gritted, the man counts out loud to ten, then pokes the alligator in the eyes and it lets go.

“Right!” shouts the biker,

“any of you man enough to do that?”

After a moment of silence a voice from the back says

“I will if you promise not to poke me in the eyes.”


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