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Jed and Margaret lived a simple life

Jed and Margaret lived a simple life on their small farm.

One day Margaret woke up to the smell of pancakes, and rushed down for breakfast.

Jed: Morning Maj, how’d ya sleep?

Maj: Great, thanks for the breakfast!

Maj ate her breakfast happily, Jed by her side. After she finished she went to excuse herself

Maj: Thanks again for breakfast! I’m going to go feed the horses now!

Jed: All 24?

Maj: Yup!

Maj brought out an appropriate amount of carrots, but unfortunately stepped on one of the horse’s hooves.

It kicked backwards really hard, sending her sailing!

Her husband had just left the house to help her out, but when he realized what happened he couldn’t believe his eyes

Jed: Holy crap! 24 carrot Maj-is in the air!


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