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An old man was driving his

An old man was driving his Lambo with 100 miles/hour when suddenly he saw the police chasing him.

So, he starts speeding up, 140, then 150, then 180.

Suddenly he slows down and thinks: “I’m too old for this.”

He pulls over and waits for the police to catch up. The officer gets out of the car and as he’s heading to the old man, he says:

“Sir, my shift is ending in 10 minutes. Today’s Friday and I’m leaving this weekend with my family.

If you give me a very good reason, but seriously, something I never heard before, I’ll let you go”

The old man looks at him, thinks very hard and says:

“Years ago, my wife ran away with a policeman and when I saw you chasing me I thought you’re bringing her back”

“A good day to you sir” – said the policeman


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