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A woman was in bed with her

A woman was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband’s keys in the door.

“Stay where you are”, she said. “He would be so drunk that he would hardly notice”.

The husband lurched in the bed and within a few minutes, slept.

A few minutes later the woman, (unsatisfied), asked her lover to continue.

The man was too scared so the woman said, “He is so messed up I’ll pull out one of his hairs and he won’t move. So she did and He didn’t move at all.

They did it. A couple of hours later, she repeats the process – he is still passed out – they repeat the pairing.

Then Just before dawn the wife wants one more ride.

So she reaches over and plucks a third  hair! Where upon the husband looks at the lover and says,

“I don’t mind you screwing my wife  do you have to keep score on.


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