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A scientist is asked by the government

A scientist is asked by the government to create the first teleporter.

Knowing that this will be an incredibly hard task, the scientist devotes every day to the task, until they have created the teleporter.

First, the scientist discovers that titanium and sulfur, when combined create a metal that would make a great base and projector for the teleporter, so they write it down as “TiS”.

Next, the scientist works on movement thought the teleporter.
The formula they use for this is the mass of the object and the quantity of electrons.
For this they write down “me”.

Finally, the scientist needs to create a material for the actual portal.
After much dedication, the scientist discovers that boron, iridium, thorium, deuterium, alpha particles and yttrium, when combined, created a substance that allows for the movement of objects through space.
When the scientist first observed this, they couldn’t believe their eyes, they called it witch craft.
But after much testing, they send it the final formula for teleportation back to the government.

The formula the government recieved was this:

TiS me BIrThDαY!

They were latter arrested for wasting time of important government figures


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