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3 Archers are competing at a contest

3 Archers are competing at a contest to find out which one of them is the best archer.

Thunderous applause. thousands of people watching.

The first one climbs onto the podium and brings his wife with him.
He puts an apple on her head, distances himself of her for 30 feet, aims, aaaaaaims and perfectly hits the apple. “I am Wilhelm Tell!” He shouts. The applause even gets louder.

The second challenger approaches the podium.
He also brings his wife, puts a cherry on her head, goes away for 50 feet, aims, aaaaaaims, and also hits the target perfectly. The crowd is amazed. “I am Robin Hood!”

The last challenger enters. He puts a watermelon on his wife’s head.
Takes 3 steps back, aims, aaaaaaims, and shoots his wife straight into the face.
The whole crowd turns silent. “I am sorry!”


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