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A man in the bar with a beer

Serbia is walking across the bar with a beer in his hand. He bumps into Austria, and spills some beer on his pant leg. Austria is furious, and demands Serbia pay for an entire suit. Serbia can’t afford this, so he offers to pay for the dry cleaning.

They argue, Russia tells Austria to back off, Germany says the same to Russia, and France says the same to Germany. They all knew each other, and didn’t particularly like each other. This only made it worse.

They all stare each other down, and the suspense gets thick enough to cut with a knife.

It beaks when Austia punches Serbia. He falls unconscious.

Germany charges France, accidentally stepping on Belgium. His big brother, Britain, rushes to France’s aid. Russia charges Gremany.

Turkey, Australia, Italy and others rush in. Japan gives Britain a thumbs up. America akeardly sips his Bud Light.

Germany throes France through a window, but he gets up. Russia suffers the same, and suffers a personality change.

Out of nowhere, Itlay throws a punch at Austria and misses. Austria falls any way, and later suffers an amputation.

America guesses he should do something, puts down his drink and slowly walks to the other side of the room.

Turkey accidentally trips over Britain’s foot and also suffers an amputation.

Britain is choking Germany’s throat while France is punching him. Before Germany passes out, America hits him over the head with a bar stool. He runs around the room, saying he won by himself.

The three run through Germany’s pockets and buy drinks for everyone.

Except Japan.


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