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The Nurse Asked My Family’s

Nurse: “Do you have siblings?”

Me: “Yes, a younger brother.”

Nurse: “Does he have any medical issues?”

Me: “He broke his finger on his right hand hitting someone in a bar fight.”

Nurse: “Oh, okay. Anything else?”

Me: “He’s battling hemorrhoids.”

Nurse: “I’m sure he’ll be interested to know that’s now in your medical chart.”

Me: “I doubt it, he sent me and folks he works with a photo.”

Me: “Do you want to include the photo in my chart?”

Nurse; “No, that’s not necessary.”

Nurse: “Is your father still alive?”

Me: “Nope, he died in 2008.”

Nurse: “What happened to him?”

Me: “Drove off an embankment and plunged into a river 50 feet below.”

Nurse: “That sounds dreadful.”

Me: “Coroner said he died peacefully in his sleep.
It wasn’t so peaceful for the other three people in the car with him though.”


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