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Clean Jokes

One day a farmer out in his field

One day a farmer, out in his field, hears a voice.

“Sell your farm” says the voice.

“What?” goes the farmer.

“Sell your farm” repeats the voice.

“Is that you God?” questions the farmer.

“Sell your farm” repeats the voice, firmly.

“But this farm has been in my family for generations! Why should I sell it?” the farmer asks.

“Sell your farm” is the reply from the voice.

So the farmer puts his farm up for sale and sells everything: the barn, the tractors, the chickens, everything to a corporation.

On his way to the bank to deposit the check for the farm, the voice appears. “Cash the check”

“But this is a lot of money to carry around” replies the farmer. “I don’t know if its safe” “Cash the check” is all he hears.

So the farmer cashes the check and puts all the money into a suitcase.

Walking around town trying to figure out what to do next, the voice comes back. “Buy a bus ticket”

, the farmer asks the voice where he should go.

“Las Vegas”

So the farmer buys a ticket to Vegas, gets on the bus and travels all day to get to Sin City.

When arrives and departs the bus, the voice says “Go to the Casino”. The farmer obeys.

Once inside, the voice says “Go to the roulette wheel”. The farmer strolls on over to the crowded table.

“Put it all on 13” says the voice.

“All the money” asks the farmer. “That’s a lot of cash!”

“All of it” confirms the voice.

So the farmer drops all the cash onto 13. The crowd gasps at the huge amount of cash.

After a quick glance to the casino boss, the dealer spins the wheel and throws the ball.

The wheel eventually slows down until it comes to a complete stop.

The ball bounces once, twice, then finally settles on number 36.

And the voice goes “IT!


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