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An Indian chief goes to the village

An Indian chief goes to the village shaman and asks him if this year’s winter will be harsh.

The shaman thinks about the question for a while, does his thing and says “oh yeah, it will be a terrible winter”

So the village stockpiles everything they can as to survive the terrible winter.

Winter rolls around and it’s a very mild one.

The following year the chief asks the shaman once again.

“Will we have a terrible winter or will it be a mild one?”

The shaman once again does his magic, thinks about it a little and says “oh yeah, yeah… terrible winter.”

So once again the village stockpiles everything they can to try and survive the winter but once again once the winter rolls around it’s a very light one.

Fed up with his shaman the village chief goes to him and says “alright listen here, you’ve told me twice that the winter will be harsh and it wasn’t, this is your last chance, if you’re wrong again then I’m going to banish you from the village!”

The shaman scared that he will lose his home agrees to these terms but asks the chief for a couple of days to make sure this time he is correct. The chief agrees and each go their own way.

The shaman wanting to be certain he doesn’t lose his home goes to his local meteorological centre and asks the meteorologists there if they could tell him wherever this year’s winter will be harsh or not, he needs to know otherwise he will get kicked out of his village.

The meteorologist think for a while and say “yeah, super harsh winter, the worst we’ve ever had!”

The shaman asks “well how do you know?”

And the meteorologist responds “oh that’s easy, the local Indian tribe has been stockpiling food for the past two years”

A joke my dad told me when I told him that apparently we will have the harshest winter in a long time here in GB.


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