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Clean Jokes

A lady goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot

A lady goes into a pet shop to buy a parrot.
One particular parrot is extremely cheap.
She asks the pet shop owner why.
The owner replies that it has spent some time in a brothel and has picked up some bad language.
Always the spendthrift, the lady takes the parrot home with the intention of teaching it some manners.

When she gets home the parrot pipes up. “New brothel, new Madame”.
The lady was a little taken aback, but remembering the Parrots background she chastises the parrot and tells it that sort of language is unacceptable.

A few hours later the lady’s two daughters arrive home.
The parrot pipes up again: “New brothel, new prostitutes”.
The girls are shocked but the mother explains the parrots background and once again chastises the parrot.

A few hours later the husband returns home.
Again the parrot pipes up: “Yo Steve, how you doing?”


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