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A guy visits a carnival

A guy visits a carnival and amongst the merry-go-rounds,
vendors and performers he spots a man with a tiny pony.

He walks up to the man and asks: “What’s with the pony?”

“For a dollar the pony can do pretty much any trick you ask of it” the man replies.

“That’s cool” the guy says and proceeds to take out his wallet, retrieve a dollar bill and puts it in the jar next to the pony.

He extends his hand and says “Shake!” The pony promptly performs the trick.

The man produces another dollar.
“Play dead!” The pony collapses to the ground, then gets up after a little while.

“How about a tougher one?” the man says and puts another dollar in the jar.
“What’s eleven minus five?” The pony stomps with a hoove six times.

“This is incredible” he exclaims.
The guy continues to add dollar after dollar to the jar while the pony performs every trick or task without a fault.
After a while the guy runs out of single dollar bills and turns to the man and says:
“Sir, that is one incredible animal you have there, is there anything it can’t do?”

“He can’t sing” the man replies.

The guy considers this for a bit. “Why can’t he sing” the guy asks.

The man looks him in the eye. “He’s a little horse


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