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Naughty Jokes

Three guys that were fishing

There was three guys that were fishing out in the ocean.

After a while of not catching anything,one guy yells,”I’ve got something!” so they all rush over and help pull it in.

They pulled for hours until inside the boat there was a Mermaid.

She pleaded with them to let her go and when they wouldn’t , she said, ” I’ll grant you each one wish if you let me go.

The man agreed.

The first guy said, “Make me three times smarter than I already am”. a flash of light and then he started quoting Shakespeare perfectly.

The second guy seeing this said “Make me 10 times smarter”. a flash of light and then he figured out math problems that famous mathematicians had been pondering for years.

The third guy said, “Make me 20 times smarter”.

The Mermaid said, “Sir consider that carefully, very carefully”.

He didn’t listen to her and said, “Make me twenty times smarter”!

A flash of light and he turned into a woman.


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