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Three devout nuns were summoned

Three devout nuns were summoned into the priest office one day.

He told them “You have been loyal to the Lord and our church. Because of this, I am granting you permission to go out and sin one time.
At the end of the day come back, confess your sin, bathe in holy water, and you will be forgiven.”
At the end of the day the three nuns returned.
The priest called on the first nun. “What sin have you committed my child?” The priest asked. “I stole coins from the fountain,” the nun replied. “You are forgiven. Go bathe in the holy water.”
He called the second nun to him.
He asked her sin and she replied “I danced around the square naked.”
He forgave her sin and sent her to bathe in the holy water.
The priest called the third nun to him.
The third nun walked in the office giggling uncontrollably.
The priest asked what sin she had committed. When she got her laughter under control she replied “I peed in the holy water.


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