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Miss Wilson is teaching her class of 1st graders

Miss Wilson is teaching her class of 1st graders basic human anatomy…

The teacher aimed her pointer at the female anatomy chart.

“Now class, does anyone know what these are called?” the teacher asked.

“I know! I know!” exclaimed the teacher’s pet, Janie, sitting in the first row. “Those are breasts! My mommy has two of those, and she says some day I will too!”

“Very good Janie, you are correct.” said the teacher. “Now,” Miss Wilson continued, aiming the pointer lower, “who can tell me what this is?”

“I know! I know!” Janie shouted. “That’s a virginia.
My mommy has one and it’s where I was born!”

“Very good Janie! Only, it’s pronounced VA-GI-NA.
Virginia is one of the original 13 colonies, and is now a state in our country.” Miss Wilson corrected.

Turning to the male anatomy chart, the teacher aimed her pointer and asked “Does anyone know what we call this?”

“I know! I know Miss Wilson! That’s a penis! My daddy has two of those!” Janie proclaimed.

“Well Janie, you are right, it is a penis, but unless he has a birth defect,
I’m pretty sure your daddy only has one of them.” the teacher explained.

Janie stood up, defiant. “Nuh-uh Miss Wilson! I know! My daddy doesn’t have any birth effects! And he has TWO penises.
He has a little one he pees with, and he has a BIG one he brushes mommy’s teeth with!”


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