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A family goes to the zoo

A family goes to the zoo…

and when they get there, they decide to split up so they can see more animals.
The little boy goes with his mother, and after they walk for a bit he points and says, “Mommy, what’s that?!” She tells him that it’s a monkey.
Soon after he points again, asking “Mommy, what’s that?” She tells him that it’s a giraffe…and on an on, until they get to the elephant, when he points and says “Mommy, what’s that?” She says “That’s an elephant!”, but he points underneath the elephant and says “No, Mommy, what’s that?” She sees where he is pointing, gets embarrassed, looks away, and says “That’s nothing, sweetie, that’s nothing.”

A while later the family meets back up, and the boy begins walking the zoo with his father.
They walk for a bit and the boy asks “Dad, what’s that?” “Well, son, that’s a bear.” A bit later, “Dad, what’s that?” “That’s a penguin!” …and on and on, until they arrive once again at the elephant, when the son points and says “Dad, what’s that?” “Well, son, that’s an Elephant.” The boy shakes his head and says, “No, Dad, I mean underneath”, so the dad looks where he is pointing and says,

“That’s the elephant’s penis, son.”

“Well, how come when I asked Mom she said it was nothing?”

The father thinks for a moment, then says, “Son, I’ve spoiled that woman.


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