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Working at the circus

I used to work for a circus. The life was rough but we had some really good and talented acts. We had clowns, jugglers, , tight rope walkers and even a fire breather.

Our boss was a real prick. She made us wear uncomfortable uniforms they didn’t really fit. The pants worked similarly to a cheaply made castle, in the same sense that neither had any ballroom.

She would con us out of money and steal from our pay and make us do all the stage set up while she sat there and collected her money.

Towards the last days of the circus, I was working near the boss’ tent when I heard some shouting. A lot of back and forth between the boss and what sounded like a coworker.

“IM TIRED OF BENDING OVER BACKWARDS FOR YOU!”, and someone stormed out of the tent. I was concerned so I ran and in and asked my boss what had happened.

“Well…”, she said, “we just lost our .”


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