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Funny Jokes

Two women go out for drinks

Two women go out for drinks They’re having a blast in a bar, and get absolutely smashed.

Drunk and barely able to walk, they make their way back home on foot.

Halfway through the journey, one of the ladies says she needs to .

The other says she could go for a leak too, and they hop the fence of a graveyard.

Both on opposite sides of a tombstone they go about their business.

When finished, the first lady, unable to find a tissue in her bag, decides to use her for a wipe.

The second, who’s wearing expensive designer  decides to feel around and finds something soft to wipe her privates.

She pulls up her designers and they finish their journey.

The next day, both husbands, who work together, get talking in the lunchroom.

“The girls had a pretty big night”, the first one says. ”

“Yeah I know”, says the second. “My wife came home with a ribbon between her legs, saying ‘We’ll never forget you’”


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