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Funny Jokes

Two old men are sitting in a bar

Two old men are sitting in a bar.

One of them looks at the other and says, “You look familiar… where you from?”

The second old man replies “Ireland”

The first old man looks astonished and says, “No way I’m from Ireland myself, what a small world!”

The second old man then looks at the first “What city?”

The first old man says “Dublin?”

The second old man looks astonished.

“No way I’m from Dublin me self! What a small world.”

The first man looks at the second old man “What school you go to?”

The second old man replies, “Saint Mary’s class of 89”

The first old man is absolutely baffled, “NO WAY Saint Mary’s class of 89 myself! What a small world!”

At this point, another man comes into the bar and says to the bartender.

“Hey, Joe! Anything interesting going on?”

The bartender says, “Not really but the Murphy twins are drunk again.”


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