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Three doctors hire a nurse

Three doctors with a growing private practice decided they needed to hire a new nurse onto their staff to meet their needs.

They hired a very qualified applicant named Sue, and met after a week to discuss the new nurse’s abilities in her new role.

“She does a really good job with the patients, but I’m concerned Sue is mixing things up a bit.

I told her her shift was from 7 AM to 5 PM and she showed up at 5 AM the next day.”

Said the first doctor.

The second doctor chimed in, “I have had some similar issues.

I told Sue to tell the patient they needed to take one antibiotic every 6 hours and she told them they needed to take 6 every one hour.”

The third doctor looked shocked, “I have had no issues so far’

The three heard a blood-curdling scream from the next room over.

“Oh,” said the third doctor, “I see what you mean. I just asked Sue to prick the boil on the patient in the next room.”


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