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There was this boy called James

There was this boy called James that came from a very poor family and as such,
he never wanted to go into debt of any kind. He was that back of the class,
noisy kid who wasn’t very smart One morning, this conversation ensued between James and his math teacher
Math Teacher:
Today we will be talking on quadratic equations
. Who can tell me what quad- James!! Its been only 3 minutes in class and you are already distracted, be quiet James: Sorry sir it won’t happen again Math Teacher: It better not.
So class, a quadratic equation is any equation that…
*Class becomes silent but the voice of James*
James: … and then batman threw the ice batarang but he missed and it hit Robin.
Batman became angrier an-…
Math Teacher: James shut up and pay attention. So as i was saying,…
*James starts to leave the class* Math Teacher: And where do you think you’r going
James: Sir, permit me to leave the class because I currently have no money to pay attention.


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