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The New Dad

A man and his wife are having a baby.

The time when the baby is due to arrive finally comes and the husband grabs his video camera and takes his wife to the hospital.

When he get there the nurses start to do their stuff.

The man asks the nurses if there is anything he can do to help.

The nurse replies “no please wait outside”.

After five minutes the man asks the same question and gets the same reply.

this carries on until the baby is born and he asks the question again.

This time the nurse replies if you want you can wash the baby.

The new dad is thrilled at this suggestion and goes off to wash the baby.

After a while the nurse returns to check on the dad.

When she arrives she sees him with his finger in the baby nostrils moving the baby around like a boat.

The nurse says “that is not how you wash a baby”.

The dad replies: “It is when the water is too hot!!”.


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