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The middle of the night pouring rain

It’s the middle of the night, pouring rain, and a man’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere…

He sees a farmhouse in the distance and walks to it.

After knocking on the front door, a farmer opens it and greets the man. Inside, the man sees the farmer’s beautiful wife and daughter.

The man tells the farmer about his situation and the farmer is sympathetic, allowing the man to stay the night.

However, the farmer allows the man to stay the night under one condition, “You gotta spend the night ’ the barn. And don’t put your  in them knotholes.”

The man is puzzled, but grateful.

After entering the barn, the man tries to go to sleep, but is incredibly uncomfortable sleeping in the barn.

He tries everything, but just can’t get to sleep. Finally, he decides to in an effort to help him sleep.

While halfway through playing with himself, curiosity overwhelms him and he attempts to stick his ‘ in the first knothole.

It’s clearly a  and it feels amazing. After a little while, enjoying himself, he sticks his  in the second knothole.

This one feels even better than the first. Close to climax, the man puts his in the third knothole.

At this point, the farmer is woken up by the screams.

After entering the barn, the farmer sees the man crying in the fetal position.

The man asks, “For the love of God, what was behind the third knothole?”

The farmer replies, “Automatic milk machine. Don’t stop ’till it gets five gallons!”


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