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Funny Jokes

The boy going to spy on the training

Luis Fernandez is going to spy on the training of Nantes and at the end, he goes to see the coach, Suaudeau, and asks him;

─ I do not understand, you’re first and I’m doing the same training as you!

Suaudeau answers;─ It’s because everything is in the head! My players are smarter Look!

He calls Ouedec and asks him: ─ Here, answer this riddle:

“It’s your father’s son, but he’s not your brother.”

And immediately, Ouedec answers; ─ It’s easy, it’s me!With that, Fernandez returns to Paris.

He meets Ginola and asks him: ─ Try to find: “It’s your father’s son but he’s not your brother?”

Ginola thinks; ─ Uh … I’m doing a tour and I answer you …He starts running and meets Bravo, to whom he asks the same question.

Bravo answers: ─ It’s me

Ginola comes back happy, and answers; ─ It’s Bravo!And there Fernandez said to him;

─ You’re really stupid, it’s


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