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Funny Jokes

The bartender knows how to make

Guy walks into a bar, demands the absolute strongest drink the bartender knows how to make. The bartender warns him, “this is very strong, so sip it. It’s the only drink you’ll get tonight.”

The man, ignoring the advice, chugs the drink in one gulp. …falls off the stool, crawls out the door. Bartender shakes his head.

Next day the guy comes back in, “what the hell did you put on that drink? I get home, park on my lawn, crawl up the stairs, fumble with the keys and walk into a spinning room.

I was so out of control and delirious, I start blowing chunks. I blew chunks on the couch. I blew chunks on the kitchen and the bathroom.

I blew chunks all over the place” Bartender says, “tried to warn you. Don’t be so down. Most people get drunk enough to blow chunks at one point or another.”

The man cringed and with tears in his eyes, says ” you don’t understand, Chunks is my dog!”


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