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Punishment was permitted to teachers

Back in those days when corporal punishment was permitted to teachers, a minor teacher named Miss Bings complained to one of her superiors, Miss Manners,

that she had spanked one particular boy, Thomas, until she could spank him no more for physical fatigue.

“When you want him spanked again, send him to me,” Miss Manners said. Next morning, Thomas came into the presence of Miss Manners, displaying an air that was downcast The teacher regarded him with suspicion.

“Did you come from Miss Bings?” she asked sharply. “Yes, ma’am,” Thomas admitted.

“I thought as much!” On the instant, she skilfully inverted the youngster over her lap, and whacked him in a most spirited manner.

This duty done, as the wailing of the boy died away, she demanded sternly: “And now what have you to say?”

“Please, ma’am,” Thomas answered brokenly, “Miss Bings wants the scissors!”

P.S: We absolutely do not condone violence, especially violence against children! Please keep in mind that this is just a joke.


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