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John was driving down a road

John was driving down a road when his old VW beetle broke down.

Whilst he was inspecting the car, his friend Paul pulled up in his quick BMW M5 and asked if he could give a helping hand.

They decided that Paul was going to tow John back to his place on the other side of town.

They agreed that if Paul was going too fast, that John would beep the horn to inform him to slow down.

After towing John for a short while, Paul’s rival drives past in his Mercedes E63.

And he’s enticing Paul to a street race. Paul gets mad and accelerates to high speeds to catch up to his rival.

All the while John is being towed and gets scared and starts frantically beeping his horn.

Whilst this racing happens, there’s a guy walking in the street to the local pub and sees these cars fly past.

He gets to the pub and says to the bar tender: “Wow, you’ll never believe what I just saw on the road!

There’s a Mercedes driving extremely fast with a Beemer close on its tail.

What’s crazy though is that they’re being chased by a beetle that’s beeping it’s gotten to overtake then both!”


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