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It was a midnight journey on

It was a midnight journey on the Paris underground.

I stared intently at the floor thinking about the end of my trip to France.

Then it started. Tick, tick, tick, bing. Slow and rhythmic but getting gradually louder. Tick tick, tick, bing.

Turning to the old woman on my left I asked her what was happening. She shrugged and tutted then looked away.

Not knowing French I had no idea if this was good or bad but the sound was becoming louder. Tick, tick, tick, bing.

It was then that people started staring out the windows. At first it was just a pair of red eyes that came into view.

Then a blue hat, strange face, bizarre clothes and long beard.

Tick, tick, tick, bing.

Then it came into view and ladies and gentlemen I will never forget my first real encounter with the Metro Gnome.


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