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I’m an authority on wasp sounds

Something you don’t know about me – I’m an authority on wasp sounds.

Anyway I was out for the day and it started to rain. So I wandered into a junk shop, I was looking through the records, the LPs were of no interest so I looked in the singles.

Johnny Mathis, Val Doonican, Wasp sounds fro…wait! What’s this? “Wasp Sounds From Around The World!”

I want this! It’s only 50cents! So asked the guy in the shop to play it, just so I know it’s OK. “Yes, of course!”.

Then it started to play…Bzzzz…Bzzwzzz…Wzzzzz…” etc. Anyway it finished.

I said to the guy “I’m a world authority on wasp sounds but there’s not a single wasp on there.

“Oh! That’s odd!” he said. Then “Aha! I know why! I played the bee side!”


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