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Funny Jokes

Grandpa and Grandma in the park

Grandpa and Grandma are sitting on a bench in the park they hear the jingle of the ice cream salesman.

Grandma says : “I’d like some vanilla ice cream.”

Grandpa says: “Good idea, I’d also like some chocolate ice cream”.

Grandma stands up and says: “I’ll go get some.”

“You should write it, Grandma, you know your memory is not what it was… you’ll forget !”

“Don’t worry Grandpa, I won’t, it’s easy : vanilla, chocolate. Vanilla, Chocolate…”

And thus Grandma leaves Grandpa while singsonging “Vanilla, Chocolate …”

A while later, Grandma comes back with a couple of hot dogs in her hands.

“Grandma ! what did you take ??? “

“Look Grandpa, I took two ketchup hot-dogs !”

“Grandma… I told you to write it down ! I knew you’d forget the mustard !”

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