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A women is walking the street an friend

A woman is walking down the street when she  into an old friend she hasn’t seen in a long time.

They sit down on a bench and catch up on their lives.

Friend: So do you have any kids?

Woman: Yes, I have 5 boys.

Friend: Nice! What are their names?

Woman: Steve.

Friend: You mean… All of them are named Steve?

Woman: Exactly, it’s so much easier that way! It’s hard enough to supervise 5 boys playing together, it’s even worse if I have to call them one by one.

All I have to do is shout “STEVE!!!” and they all turn around immediately!

Friend: But what if you only want to talk to one of them at a time? How do you differentiate them?

Woman: Oh, well in that case, I just call them by their last name…


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