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A woman went to seafood store

A woman went to “Jim’s Seafood Store” and asked Jim what the best part of the fish is.

Jim said, “The best part of the fish is the head.”

He also said, “Not only they are good, but the heads will make you smarter.”

So the woman wanted to try and see if they were really that good.

The heads were $4.34 each, so she got some.

Later that week she got some more and told Jim that the heads were REALLY good.

So for about 3 weeks, 2 times a week she got more fish heads.

The next time she came in she said, “You know I have been thinking, the fish heads are $4.34 each.

When I could get a whole fish with the head for $3.00”

And Jim said, “See you got smarter already.”


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