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A Stupid kid walked in his

A barber was doing his business and a kid walked in his shop.

The barber told his customer:

See that kid, he’s the stupidest kid I’ve ever know.

Here I’ll prove it to you. The barber yells at kid to come to him so his customer can watch.

The barber pulls out a 2 euro coin and a 5 euro bill and asks the kid:

Hey kid, what do u choose? The kid takes the 2 euro coin and leaves. The barber:

See, I told u. He chooses 2 euro coin every time.

The customer walks out and sees the kid around the corner eating ice-cream.

He approaches the kid and asks:

Do u not know the difference between a 2 euro coin and a 5 euro bill. Which one is more valuable?

The kid replies:

I know the difference, but the moment I choose the 5 euro bill, the game is over.


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