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A restaurant manager is closing up for the night

A restaurant manager is closing up for the night…

…when he notices a man, disheveled and looking rather worse for wear, standing outside, tapping on the door. The manager opens the door, assuming the man is homeless.

“Sorry, mate, you wouldn’t happen to have a spare fork going, would you?”, the homeless guy asks.

“Sure,” the manager tells him, as he grabs a fork from the cutlery drawer he’d been cleaning and hands it to him. The homeless guy tips his hat in gesture and walks away.

Five minutes later, the manager hears yet another knock on the glass, and sees a man of a similar state standing outside his restaurant. The manager sighs as he opens the door.

“Sorry to bother you so late, pal. Do you have a spare spoon that you don’t need anymore? Dessert or teaspoon, doesn’t matter which size.”

“You’re the second man looking for a piece of cutlery tonight!”, the manager shouts over his shoulder as he retrieves a dessert spoon from the drawer. He walks back and hands it to him.

“Thanks very much, have a nice night,” the homeless man says, as he walks off into the night.

Shortly after, a third man raps on the restaurant door. Annoyed, the manager storms over to the door and loses his temper.

“What, do you need a knife to go with that set your buddies took from me, too?”

“No, a straw, actually,” replies the homeless man.

The manager shoots him a puzzled look. “A straw? That’s it? What for?”

“Well, some poor lad’s after throwing up outside and all the good bits are gone.”


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