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Funny Jokes

A Mathematician, Physicist and Chemist

They decided to put their expertise to use and conduct some research.

The Math man said, “I’ll jump into the water and measure the depth of the ocean.”

The Physicist said, “I will go and examine the density of the water at various depths.”

The Chemist said, “I will use the data you both collect and make some discovery about the chemical properties of the water.

One after the other, the Mathematician and the Physicist jumped into the water.

When they didn’t come out for a while, a bystander approached the Chemist regarding what was going on and why he wasn’t doing anything as his friends hadn’t come out of the water yet.

The Chemist replied, “You see, my friend, we are scientists and we were conducting an experiment here.

And from my observations, I have concluded that the reason my friends haven’t come out is, because they are Soluble in water.”


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