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A married couple are in bed

A recently married couple are in bed, when the man asks his wife how many men she has loved with

After the question, the woman doesn’t respond.

The man asks again “Just tell me, it’s fine. How many men have you loved with?”

His wife, still in total silence, just stares at the roof.

The man says “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I just thought we could trust each other.”

Still silence from his wife. The man, giving up, says “It’s OK. Please don’t be upset.”

Since the woman is still silent, the man starts hugging and kissing her, showing his affection.

While he is doing this, his wife seems to come to her senses, stops looking at the roof, looks at him, and upset, tells her husband,

“Damn it! You made me lose count.”


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