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A man who sits in the corner booth

Every day, there is a man who sits in the corner booth at a penthouse bar.

One particular day, a young man comes in through the door.

Feeling lucky, he exclaims, “I am feeling lucky, I’ll take anyone’s bet.”

The young man in the corner stands up, finishes his scotch, and staggers over to the young man.

“I’ll bet you that I can jump out of this window and then walk down from the roof access. Fifty bucks.”

“You’ve got a deal mister.”

He proceeds to jump out of the window, only to a few seconds later walk in from the roof access.

The young man is flabbergasted and hands over the $50. “Hundred bucks says you can’t do it again.”

And the other man proceeds to jump out of the window, and then again walks in from the roof.

The young man gets overconfident and tries to do it himself, thinking that there must be some catch.

He falls thirteen stories to his death.

The older man orders another scotch from the bartender and returns to his corner booth.

The bartender says to him, “Superman, you’re an prick when you’re drunk.”


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